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Home owners are notorious for waiting until it is too late. A leak, insulation problems, and other problems usually have to happen before they make the call. If homeowners were more aware of the telltale signs that a roof needs to be replaced, they might not have to deal with a leak that turns into mold or insulation problems like lead to high energy bills. Here are some signs that your roof needs to be replaced that you should be looking for:


It is important to know how old your roof is. Roofs will typically last twenty to twenty-five years. If your roof is older than or close to that old, it would be a smart idea to have it inspected for precautionary reasons.


Roofs with shingles that are buckling or curled are a major sign that you need a roof replacement coming up soon. Buckling and curled shingles indicate that your roof is at the end of its lifespan. It is also an unappealing look when they are in that state.


When they are valleys in your roof, it is a dead giveaway that you need a roof replacement. Valleys form in roofs usually after a tough winter. If you see valleys, expect to have leaks if you don’t get your roof replaced.


If you are missing shingles, your home is not fully protected anymore. Missing shingles should be visible but having your home inspected from time to time can help you understand if your shingles are intact or loose. Loose shingles are just as bad for your home as missing shingles.


An old roof tends to lose more granules than a new roof. When cleaning out your gutters, look to see if that are more granules than usual. If your gutters are full of granules, it might be time to replace your roof.


This might seem obvious but it is a clear sign you need a new roof if you see light shining through your roof!