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Summertime is the part of the year for families to enjoy together, whether it be on a trip far away, nearby or even just a neighborhood block party. Having a fun summer is important, so you never want to forget about these essential safety tips for your home, to keep the good times coming!

Here are five tips to keep your family safe all summer (and year) long:

fire-summer-safety-checks1. Fire extinguishers

Every home needs at least one working fire extinguisher- you never know when you may need it. A fire extinguisher for the home must be ABC all-purpose variety, for maximum safety. An ABC all-purpose variety extinguisher can put out most of the different types of home fires, so you can have a piece of mind for your family’s safety. Other things that are important to think about when it comes to fire extinguishers are the location and ensuring the extinguisher is properly charged. Having multiple fire extinguishers in different high-risk and easy access locations, like the kitchen and the garage is always a good idea. Also, make to sure to frequently check the pressure gauge. It should be pointing to the green portion of the gauge, which shows that it is charged and ready to go.


dryer-cleaning-summer-safety-checks2. Dryer cleanliness

One of the most common household appliances can be a fire-hazard that you’re unaware of. Dyers collect dust and lint in each cycle, and cleaning it out can be a quick way to lower your risk of a fire. Dust and lint are highly flammable, so by simply wiping down the drum where it often is collected is the best way to prevent a fire. Also, be sure to check the dryer vent at least once a year to make sure it is clear and clean.


smoke-alarm-summer-safety-checks3. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

These alarms are the single-most helpful measures to protect your family against devastation. Home fires claim far too many lives every year, so ensuring your alarms work properly is essential. Just doing routines checks can be helpful! Carbon monoxide alarms are equally as important as a smoke detector. Carbon monoxide is not detectable by smell, making it an unforeseeable danger. Testing both alarms and having a family disaster plan can protect your family from dangers and tragedies.


house-mold-summer-safety-checks4. Household mold

Mold hiding throughout your house could be making your family sick without you even realizing it. Mold can grow in several different household locations, so be sure to regularly check places like shower curtains, plumbing, and basements to keep your family happy and healthy.


outdoor-lights-summer-safety-checks5. Outdoor lights and locks

One of the best ways to prevent home burglaries is by keeping your house well lit and locked tight. Keep your outdoor lights working properly, and consider adding motion detector lights to deter any possible thief. Also, routinely check door and window locks every morning and night. An unlocked door or window can be an unwanted invitation to crime.